Art Student and Maine Lobster

Attending art school instills a bit of snobbery into a person. Kitsch was a no-no in addition to sappy sweet, and touristy themes.  So when a customer stopped into my jewelry shop a number of years ago and asked me when I was going to design a lobster, I graciously declined but in my head I’m saying “over my dead body will I make a lobster!” But then a really cool thing happened. I had just finished a new pea pod that had a coiled tendril on top. It happened to be May which is Fiddlehead season in Maine. For those that don’t know, Fiddleheads are the unfurled frond of the Ostrich Fern and are a eatable delicacy.  After the new design was completed it hit me that it was a blend of a Fiddlehead and a pea pod! My answer to the lobster dilemma! This wasn’t going to be just any lobster, it was a Peapod Lobster, better yet, a PODSTER! Even my art school snobbery could accept, even embrace this idea. I’m really glad that customer made the suggestion. The PODSTER has become one of our best selling designs.

The PODSTER pictured here is in sterling silver, also available in 14k. We make it in red carnelian as a cooked lobster, blue lapis for the rare blue lobster, white pearl for the live and of course we are happy to personalize it with a range of colored pearls or gemstone “peas”.  Visit this page on website to see our full collection of PODSTERS :



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Ronna Lugosch is the designer and owner of Peapod Jewelry in Edgecomb, Maine. At age 4 she announced that she was going to be an artist. After taking a jewelry class in her freshman year of high school, she was hooked. She was awarded an MFA in 1979 and then spent the next 20 years selling her work to jewelry stores nationwide. Her peapod line initiated from a colleague suggesting she place pearls in the hollows of her sculptural designs. From there her customers requested gemstones that honored the birth months of family members. Preferring a softer look, Ronna used custom dyed pearls for the designs she trademarked Mother's Peapod ®. Coastal Maine is an inspiration for Ronna as well where she has combined her peapod concepts with lighthouses, lobsters, buoys, nautilus shells, and more. Like the Mother's Peapod®, most of her designs can be personalized with Birthpearls® or gemstone "peas".

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