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Fish are a a big thing here in Maine, especially Alewives. These are an oily fish that are the bottom of the food chain for the Maine coastal eco system. They are food for heron, gulls, otter, larger fish and bait for lobstermen. We are dependent on them to maintain the health of this area.  They’re anadromous meaning they live in saltwater and travel upstream to spawn in freshwater ponds. Unfortunately in the last century many fishways have been blocked as a result of dams, crumbling bridges, and poorly placed culverts. With the realization of these obstacles to the livelihood of alewives and other fish species, the clearing of the fishways has been active. At the Muscongus Brook next to my home, the passage was blocked for over 50 years decimating  the alewife population. A concerned neighbor worked for over 10 years with the State of Maine and several non-profits to raise funds to rebuild a bridge that crosses the brook. Four years ago the project was completed and since then we waited patiently for the fish to return seeing a few more fish each year. This year in mid-May my husband and I went down to the brook and low and behold there were fish! Not just a few fish, but hundreds!

As the Chief Peamaker for Peapod Jewelry, I’m excited by this incredible comeback of the Alewives especially since it’s just outside my door. So, I had to make a fish design which I call the Pod Fish. This sterling design is available as a necklace and earrings with 2, 14k gold ‘peas’ in each. We can also personalize your Pod Fish other colored ‘peas’. Click on this link to see the designs on our website:

Thanks for reading and don’t forget to call Peapod Jewelry if you have any questions!

Peas!                                                                                                                                          Ronna



Author: peapod

Ronna Lugosch is the designer and owner of Peapod Jewelry in Edgecomb, Maine. At age 4 she announced that she was going to be an artist. After taking a jewelry class in her freshman year of high school, she was hooked. She was awarded an MFA in 1979 and then spent the next 20 years selling her work to jewelry stores nationwide. Her peapod line initiated from a colleague suggesting she place pearls in the hollows of her sculptural designs. From there her customers requested gemstones that honored the birth months of family members. Preferring a softer look, Ronna used custom dyed pearls for the designs she trademarked Mother's Peapod ®. Coastal Maine is an inspiration for Ronna as well where she has combined her peapod concepts with lighthouses, lobsters, buoys, nautilus shells, and more. Like the Mother's Peapod®, most of her designs can be personalized with Birthpearls® or gemstone "peas".

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