My trusting dog

I have a loving family; two sons, a wonderful husband and yet I am going to start my blog writing about my dog! She is the sweetest, most affectionate dog we have ever owned.  She’s a Sato, a Puerto Rican street dog. She’s classified as a terrier mix, not large, only 37 lbs or so. Her name is Ella, named after Ella Fitzgerald and yes she sings! My husband Emile plays saxophone and she is his accompanist. Oh how she howls!

She is so dear that her presence inspired me to create a piece of pet jewelry that could be personalized to mimic the color of a dog’s coat. Its called the Peapod Pea Paw (try saying that fast a few times!) and comes in sterling silver (14k gold by special order) and there is a choice of gemstone “peas” that we can place in the Paw including Domino, Tigger and Blackjack. To represent Ella I could either put in a 14k gold ‘pea’ or Sandy colored ‘pea’ which is actually Picture Jasper.  I prefer the Pea Paw earrings for myself but I also made a pendant and a bracelet charm. If you love your dog like I do, perhaps you want to wear a Pea Paw? Here is a link to the page that shows you the options.  If you click on the black onyx Pea Paw and open that page, there will be a drop down menu that will show you your gemstone or pearl color options. Check it out!



Author: peapod

Ronna Lugosch is the designer and owner of Peapod Jewelry in Edgecomb, Maine. At age 4 she announced that she was going to be an artist. After taking a jewelry class in her freshman year of high school, she was hooked. She was awarded an MFA in 1979 and then spent the next 20 years selling her work to jewelry stores nationwide. Her peapod line initiated from a colleague suggesting she place pearls in the hollows of her sculptural designs. From there her customers requested gemstones that honored the birth months of family members. Preferring a softer look, Ronna used custom dyed pearls for the designs she trademarked Mother's Peapod ®. Coastal Maine is an inspiration for Ronna as well where she has combined her peapod concepts with lighthouses, lobsters, buoys, nautilus shells, and more. Like the Mother's Peapod®, most of her designs can be personalized with Birthpearls® or gemstone "peas".

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